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Camaguey Province

Capital city: Camaguey City

Lots of sugar- and some rice fields but most is the farming of animals in this Province, you will meet the Vaqueros (Cuban cowboys) who are riding their horse.Camaguey is the largest provider of beef in Cuba.
Most tourism goes to the Cayos and around Playa Santa Lucia, which has lots of hotels. Although you may not like tourism, Playa Santa Lucia IS a great area for scuba diving because of the spectacular coral reefs.



Places of Interest in Camaguey Province

The province of Camaguey has, besides its stunning Playa Santa Lucia beach, great scuba diving and the city of Camaguey, many natural attractions. The Sierra de Cubitas ecological preserve has several natural corridors, more than 70 caves of great speleological and archeological value, and interesting flora and fauna.

Walk through Paredones Pass - a deep defile nearly 5000 feet (1500 m) long on the bed of an extinct river, between rocks more than a million years old and roofed over by plants where colorful birds nest - Vigueta Pass, where you can see several endemic species of flora and fauna; and on to Lechuza (Owl) Cave, whose galleries lead to halls 164 feet (50 m) in diameter. Bonet's Pit, the largest known karst depression in Cuba, is 295 feet (90m) deep and has important vegetation. Maria Teresa's and Pichardo's Caves contain Indian pictographs.

For underground climbs, try Rolando's Chasm, 433 feet (132 m) deep, with a lake at the bottom around 164 feet (50 m) in diameter, or Mayanna's Chasm, a cave with a vertical access 295 feet (90 m) deep and a dry bottom.

Off the southern coast of the province, at Cayo Caguamas, go swimming and snorkeling or go for boat rides and fish with light gear.





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