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Scuba Diving Camaguey Province

Santa Lucia


Twenty kilometers of beach protected by one of the largest and best preserved coral barriers in the tropics, flocks of pink flamingo making their home in nearby lagoons and many hotels from which to take your pick at the most spectacular diving resort in Cuba.

A diving zone with more than 30 sites, offering from shipwrecks with, interesting tales, the remains of a Spanish fort, fish of varying sizes, caves and Shark hand-fed by the diving instruct ors from the center operating here, the Shark's Friend.

Scuba Diving Hotels


Best Diving Sites Santa Lucia

Poseidon I-VI Depth: 18 to 32 meters

Description: The bottoms of these 6 diving sites are made up of ridges forming marine terraces and tidal niches abounding in gorgonians, sponges, corals and minute coral fish.

Nuestra Senora Virgen de Altagracia Depth: 27 meters

Description: Steel tug boat, dating back to the early 2oth century, in perfect condition, located next to a wall dropping straight into the abyss. Inside and around it rove numerous fish.

Mortera Depth: 27 meters

Description: This site is identified by the remains of a 19th century Spanish merchant shipwreck at the entrance of the Nuevitas Bay channel. Colorful coral fish and big snappers (Lutjanus sp.), groupers (Epbinephelus sp.) and shoals of jacks (Caranx sp.).

Las Anforas Depth: 27 meters

Description: Site located close to what once was a Spanish fort that guarded the entrance to the bay. Submerged pitchers, bottles and clay vessels bear witness to the presence of the fort.

Shark's Point Depth: 30 meters

Description: Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas), up to 2 or 3 meters long are the stars of a show during which they come to feed out of the hands of the diving instructors (see video)

Cueva Honda Depth: 32 meters

Description: There is an impressive cave in this site, which shelters tarpon (Megalops atlantica) and big groupers (Ephinephelus sp.)

Diving Centers

Diving Center - Shark’s Friends
Cubanacán Náutica
Address: Hotel Cuatro Vientos, Nuevitas Camagüey
Phone: +53 32 365182

Diving Center - DadoSub
Ecotur S.A.
Address: Hotel Santa Lucía, Nuevitas, Camagüey
Phone: +53 32 336109

Scuba Diving Hotels




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