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Although 350 islands make up the Archipielago de los Canarreos, Isla de la Juventud is by far the biggest of them and this region is administered from the island's capital, Nueva Gerona. Much of the island is flat and the Cienaga de Lanier is Cuba's second-largest swamp. Isla de la Juventud is the least populated region of Cuba, with most people living in the north of the island. Once known as Parrot Island, it was a hideout for pirates like Francis Drake, John Hawkins, Thomas Baskerville and Henry Morgan, and it inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The local economy turns on cattle ranching and grapefruit plantations, and the unhurried way of life and unspoiled surrounds are the major attraction.

Just getting to Isla de la Juventud, by boat or by plane, is a bit of an adventure. There are Indian cave paintings at Punta del Este and great scuba diving along the Pirate Coast drop-off at Punta Frances. The coral keys to the east of Isla de la Juventud have turtles, iguanas and pelicans that seem indifferent to human company.


Accommodations and Facilities

In addition to having expert divers, the international scuba-diving center offers specialized medical services, has a large hyperbaric chamber and is close to the hotel Colony, which has modern facilities. The Marina has moorings for 15 vessels, drinking water, electricity, fuel, a commissary and a harbor master's office.

Casas Particulares Isla Juventud

Reviews casas particulares Isla Juventud

June 23 2014
Name: Fabio De Lorenzis
Country: italy
I stayed here at: 05/04/2014
I paid 30 cuc (local currency) per night but the price was inclusive of breakfast and great dinner
I made a reservation at the casa directly

Casa Tu Isla
Address: Calle 24 e/45 y 45 n°4510 Nueva Gerona, Isla De La Juventude
City: Nueva Gerona, Isla De La Juventude
Tel: +53 53509128 +5358123693

My review: This was my first time in Cuba and I have been in several houses Particular, but one that has remained in my heart was TU ISLA. do not waste time searching on the websites of the various options because TU ISLA has no rival, as both price and as a place. is run by friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist you with any issues, not to mention the delicious cocktails and and the exquisite cuisine that will delight every day with dishes that you never thought of eat. i hope to be back as soon as possible to repeat this fantastic experience.

How was your room?: large, clean and comfortable
How was the food they offer?: the best food I've tried in Cuba

Casa specifics: Italian speaking, Comfortable, Beautiful, Safe, Children in the house

Amenities: Airconditioning, Private bathroom, Laundry service, Balcony, Breakfast service, Dinner service, Bathroom with shower

Feb 3 2014
Name: jim senka
Country: canada
I stayed here at: 11/14/2013

Casa Joel y Dahlia
Address: Nuevo Gerona, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba (no address yet)
Tel: +53 2508472597

My review: we spend 2 months in various casas in Cuba and Jowl & Dahlia's was one of the best. If you want to spend some time in an out of the way place - this is the spot.

Casa specifics: Fantastic hosts, Comfortable, Cozy, Roomy, Safe
Amenities: Private entrance, Airconditioning, Private bathroom, Minibar, Laundry service, Ceiling fan, Breakfast service, Dinner service, Extra bed available, Bathroom with shower

How was your room?: large, clean and comfortable
How was the food they offer?: close to the best we experienced in Cuba
Other comments: we had several parties there with other friends and they were very accommodating.



How to get there

By plane
Cubana fly from Habana 3 a 4 times a day. Best to buy in Habana a return flight, unless you want to get stuck at the Island

Aerotaxi fly two times a week between Pinar del Rio and Nueva Gerona (Tuesday and Thursday). Aerotaxi also offers daily a flight between Habana and Nueva Gerona. It's the best to buy the ticket as soon as possible. In Nueva Gerona you have to buy the ticket at the airport.

Fast boat departs daily, at the port of Batabano. The journey will take two hours. Best is to reserve in Habana. The boat company (NCC) sell tickets at a small window in the Astro Bus Terminal in Habana (at the side of the station where also the taxis are waiting). With the reservation receipt you can buy in Batabano your ticket. The reservation office is only open from 7 o'clock to 12 o'clock. From the Astro bus station is leaving a connecting bus to Batabano. It's leaving the days when the catamarans' working at 7 o'clock and 12 o'clock. You need to be at least half an hour before at the station. You can pay your ticket at the bus. When you arrive in Batabano change your reservation receipt in a ticket. Afterwards you have to confirm the ticket, with this you receive your seat.

Reviews and tips about Isla de la Juventud

Name: Georgi Tachev
Country: Bulgaria

Isla de la Juventud

Many years ago I was working in Cuba and the Isla de la Juventud. We were number 25 students just completed their university education that I went to work as teachers in different subjects. Many thanks to the Radio quickly became popular in the Caribbean Nueva Hero Brigade named Georgi Dimitrov. We were a wonderful impression of our stay in Isla de la Juventud. I have a great desire to come back and see all my friends. If anyone remembers me I will leave my email for correspondence: tachev88@abv.bg

Name: Tony Sköld
Country: Sweden

I am confused, I thought that I´ve allready met the friendliest people I ´ve ever encountered in the mainland Cuba, but the people in Isla Juventud was (is) fantastic! Friendly, nice, open minded, and generous! I will be back as soon as I have the finance that will allow it, you can belive it! Thank You all for 6 wonderful weeks on Your island! I had the opportunity to see "Los Van Van" at the time I was there, now there is a band! Me and my family will allways remember this as the best of times! Once again, thank you so much, and may "ORULA" be with you all!
Tony Sköld, Malmö, Sweden.










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