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Las Tunas

Las Tunas For a tourist is this a province and a city with not much interest, not in history and not in a cultural way. The capital city Las Tunas has 100.000 inhabitants. Sugar is the most important engine of Las Tunas Province.

The only need to visit this province for most tourists, is while traveling from West to East … But … it can be very special because Las Tunas still has beaches without tourists and you will be a witness of the real Cuban life.

Capital: Las Tunas City

Beaches of Las Tunas

Covarrubias Beach

This beach is on the northern coast of Las Tunas Province, in the eastern part of Cuba. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the area has more than 35 virgin beaches of great beauty and quality, among which only one-Covarrubias- has been opened to international tourism. Because of its white sand and warm, gree-blue water, protected by a coral reef nearly two miles (around three km) long, many people consider it the most beautiful beach in eastern Cuba.

Location and How to Get There

This beach is 26 miles (42 km) from Puerto Padre, in Las tunas Province (around 460 miles or 740 km east of Havana). It is linked to the rest of the country by a road. The airport in the city of Las Tunas handles domestic flights.

What to Do

Activities include sunbathing, swimming, taking scuba-diving lessons, snorkeling, playing tennis or volleyball, doing aerobics, cycling, taking catamarans and aqua bikes along the coast and to nearby points of interest, visiting Puerto Padre and Las Tunas and taking dancing lessons. At night, choose among the discotheque, the Cuban show and other recreational options.

Nearby Places of Interest

The nearby city of Puerto Padre was founded in the 16th century. Its main street goes down to the sea. There are several cultural and recreational options.

The city of Las Tunas, known as "The Balcony of Eastern Cuba", has interesting houses, with roofs made of combinations of native tiles and art-deco facades in the rationalist and neocolonial styles.

There are nearly a hundred statues in the city where the 3-star Las Tunas Hotel and an adequate infrastructure of services and entertainment welcome visitors.

To do in Las Tunas Province

Las Tunas Event

Cucalambeana Festival
Interesting about Las Tunas is in June … the "Cucalambeana Festival", which is a yearly happening and meeting of all kind of Cuban singers and poets come together to celebrate and remind the poet. El Cucalambe (Cristobal Napoles Fajardo) who wrote the "decimas" (10 sentences songs). At this festival they still sing his songs.

El Guateque
Ven acá, Rufina mía
Prenda de mi corazón,
Que esta noche hay diversión,
Algazara y alegría.
Cese la melancolía
Que esta noche es de gozar;
Tenga término el pensar
No haya disgusto ni pena,
Que ya el tiplecillo suena
Y nos convida a bailar.

Galas de Cuba
Cuba, mi suelo querido,
Que desde niño adoré,
Siempre por ti suspiré
De dulce afecto rendido.
Por ti en el alma he sentido
Gratísima inspiración,
Disfruta mi corazón
Por ti dulcísimo encanto,
Y hoy te vendigo y te canto
De mi ruda lira al son

Iglesia de San Jerónimo

Calle Francisco Vega #172. Las Tunas, Cuba

Iglesia de San José

Ave. Libertad # 82. Las Tunas, Cuba

Major General Vicente Garcia Gonzalez Memorial

Calle Vicente García #5 e/ Francisco Vega y Julián Santana. Las Tunas, Cuba

Museo Memorial "Hermanos Amejeiras"

Calle 10 #19 e/ 3 y 5, Pueblo Viejo, Chaparra. Las Tunas, Cuba

Museo Memorial 26 de Julio

Calle Lucas Ortíz #86 e/ Juan Gualberto Goméz y Calixto Sarduy. Las Tunas, Cuba

Museo Memorial Mártires de Barbados

Calle Lucas Ortíz #344 e/ Teniente Peiso y Mártires de Barbados. Las Tunas, Cuba

Museo Provincial General Vicente García

Francisco Varona s/n, Las Tunas, Cuba

Cuartel de Caballería

Vicente García, Las Tunas, Cuba

Fuerte de la Loma

25 de diciembre s/n, Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, Cuba

Teatro Raúl Gómez García

Vicente García #267, e/ Lara y Heredia, Las Tunas, Cuba

El Cornito

Las Tunas, Cuba

Fuerte de la Loma

25 de diciembre s/n, Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, Cuba



Reviews Las Tunas

Name: Debora Romero
Country: Canada

Las Tunas Cuba

My experiences in Cuba was really good my really first time was in November 14 2009 to November 20 2009 it was really good it surprise me with the people in Las Tunas. I met alot of people there the food is amazing its really different from here. My second time i came on December 30 2009 to January 27 2010 was the best thing ever happen in my life so much fun going dancing meeting other people. This is one of the country I want it to come went i was 18 its my favorite country. I would to come again to Cuba but in Las Tunas I'm going there in April but for two weeks buy would like to stay for a month until May. My dream and my wish is to stay in Cuba for a month April 4 2010 to May 4 2010.

Thank you
Your Truly Debora Romero









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