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Sierra del Escambray

Very close to Trinidad World Heritage by UNESCO where still remain the most colonial style, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara, raises the Sierra del Escambray. An unbelievable beauty of Cuba's nature where you can hike, relax, horseback riding, lunch, swim in natural ponds and climb waterfalls.

Guide Escambray

Going up the Sierra through the road that goes from Trinidad is a unique experience. In the distance, it can be clearly seen the splendid scenery of Acon Peninsula with its magnificent beaches that face the Caribbean. At one end, with its ancient streets and small places: Trinidad, and to meet the visitor, the mountain with its many greens that dress the slopes and depth

Sierra del Escambray ... or massif of Guamuhaya: mountain range that is characterized by steep peaks and deep valleys, the exuberance of vegetation, endemism of species of flora and fauna, cave systems, beautiful landscapes, pure and transparent rives and streams that make up picturesque waterfalls and crystalline ponds. The visit to this mountains also allow to know about the rural life associated to the growing of coffee and other agricultural activities.

Topes de Collantes

Located in these mountains, the Great Natural Park Topes de Collantes can be found. A place of extraordinary beauty and of great scientific value for Cuban botanic, Zoology and ecology.

This constitutes a protected area of 200 square kilometers with a great number of endemic species of flora and fauna.

Organized in 8 recreational and adventure parks, the visitor can enjoy with the company of specialized eco guides, attractive natural, cultural and historical places; that together with the specialized food offer in each park complement a unique stay.

22 km from Trinidad, 800 m above the sea level and with an annual average temperature of 21C degrees, Topes de Collantes is located where the visitors can stay overnight in rooms surrounded by a peaceful environment



Hikings Escambray Mountains

Basic Definitions

The offers of organized tours have been designed from the following basic concepts:

Recreational Nature
Offers conceived for tourists that have more integral expectations during their vacations, including sun, sea, sand and nature in the same program, with recreational, interpretative and cultural possibilities as well as human exchange.

Adventure Nature
To enjoy the nature fully in an active way. This offers are developed in mountain ecosystem, wide rivers and caves with high, moderate or low degree of difficulty that can be a challenge and a unique experience

For active, responsible and educative enjoyment of the natural values, in protected areas that allow to observe and to interpret fully the ecosystems and its conversation as well as the development of the conditions of the life in the local population

Offers oriented to those with cultural expectation link to the rural economy and exchange of the experiences about agroindustrial, cattle raising and forestry processes

Degree of difficulty

The degree of difficulty can be according to long distance to walk, ground features, technical knowledge required for this activity, and/or risk of the walk which involve a danger to the integrity of the tourist. The offers are classified according to their degree of difficulty that follow

Those trails, routes or sites that require great effort. Generally, they are offers for people that just like the contact with nature. There is not moment in which the tourist is under the risk or complexity. The walks are short and in places of easy access. Those people that choose these options do not need any special physical training

Options accessible to tourists in good physical conditions that regularly practice sports. Although strong, these offers are not so complex that demand a high physical and mental preparation of the participants

Specialized trails, routes and sites that include considerable physical effort and risk. Options designed to those who like the interaction with nature and search for adventure. The people who take this option should be in excellent physical conditions, to psychological and cultural preparation and basic knowledge of certain sports techniques in those case that is required



Guanayara - low
15 kilometers away from Topes de Collantes it can be found Guanayara Park.
Ideal place for a world of adventures, with the trail Centinelas del Rio Melodioso (Guards of Melodic River)
The river, flora and fauna are perfect ingredients that lead to the amazing waterfall El Rocio (The Dew)
The Restaurant La Gallega, with creole meal complements the interesting adventure

El Cubano - moderate
Just 5 kilometers from Trinidad city, nature and history come together to give the visitor something more than just memory.
Walks through trails, swim in pond and waterfalls, horseback riding, encounter food service where the dish of the house Pez Gato (Cat Fish) prevails, guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Caburni (National Monument) - high
Distinctive symbol from Trinitarian Escambray
It posses a great number of endemic species of flora and fauna, unique rock formations as well as geographical features of interest.
Valleys of extraordinary beauty, 45 of inclination lead to the ever exciting Caburni Waterfall, a natural gift that distinguishes the environment and decorates the scenery

Vegas Grande - high
Coffee plantations, natural forest, representative species of fauna in this region and the customs of the inhabitants, constitutes an attraction for the most demanding tourist
An astonishing waterfall and a natural pond offer the visitor an unforgettable and unique place

Codina - low
5 kilometers away from Topes de Collantes can be found Codina Park.
The interpretative trail Encantos de Codina (Spells of Codina), faithful to its name, amazes the visitor.
Caves, gardens of different varieties of orchids and bamboos, together flora and fauna and its picturesque landscapes, characterizes this environment as an ecological and anti-stress shelter

Reserva de Javira - moderate
Natural scenery that extends up to close to Trinidad City
It is made up of natural forest that are distinguished for their conservation, almost untouched by the human being, where the reality of nature turns into an ideal habitat for bird fauna plenty of endemic species of Cuba.
Its transparent and pure streams invite the visitor to take a refreshing swim.

El Nicho - moderate
Going through the Sierra Escambray, 30 km away from Topes de Collantes, and just 2 km from Hanabanilla Water Reservoir, you are going to find El Nicho. Wonderful waterfalls and ponds offer a direct contact with nature.
Endemic birds and flora, ecological path, caves and natural pools are your company during an unforgettable day.


Go around by Truck
Of course you can drive your own car to the beginning of the Escambray, but to reach the trails, a lot of them you have to take a truck which you can arrange in Trinidad by an organized tour.

Topes de Collantes is to do but beware, many tourists are stubborn and I saw many accidents in this area with rental cars. Just drive slowly in these mountains and use your common sense.












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