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Bilboard Che Guevara Santa Clara

In the center, north of the island of Cuba, you may find the province of Villa Clara with a geographic extension of 7920 square km. Its capital is the city of Santa Clara, considered an important junction through which passes the central highway, the national highway and the central railway line.

Capital City: Santa Clara 


Inside the historic center of the city of Santa Clara, the Vidal Park stands out. Around this park is located buildings which transcend as exponents of diverse architectural codes, dating from colonial, neoclassic, eclectic up to postmodernism. This variety of styles can be distinguished in buildings such as the De La Caridad Theatre, the House of Culture, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Jose Martí Library.

In the western center of the city, rises the Ernesto Che Guevara square, one of the sites of great historic value of the province. Inside it is the Mausoleum where rests the remains of the Legendary Heroic Guerrilla and his combat comrades, who had fallen in Bolivia.

Other interest sites, which hold the memory of the Villa Clara region is the Loma del Capiro and the monument to the Tren Blindado (Armoured Train), places of indubitable historic value where decisive battles were waged against the Batista tyranny.

Close to Santa Clara is the municipality of Remedios, eighth village founded by the Spanish in 1578. In this place, declared a National Monument genuine colonial works that contain relics such as the Parroquia Mayor, the Buen Viaje church, the House of Las Arcadas, that of the Alférez Real and the birthplace of Alejandro García Caturla, today the Museum of Music. As part of the most ancient cultural traditions of the region, the world famous Parrandas de Remedio (Revels of the city of Remedios) stand out.

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Nearby places of interest

Villa Clara has great historic, architectural, cultural and natural attractions. Its capital, Santa Clara, is an industrial and educational center with a solid artistic and cultural movement.

It contains the memorial which contains the remains of Ernesto Che Guevara and his comrades in the guerilla struggle in Bolivia; the La Caridad Theater (built in 1885); several museums, including one of decorative arts; two hotels (the Santa Clara Libre and Los Caneyes, this last with honeymoon facilities); several restaurants; and other service installations.

Other places of interest in the province include the town of Remedios, which was founded nearly 500 years ago and has some very well-preserved colonial architecture, including the Great Parish church (built in the 16th century); traditional annual festivities, such as the Remedios revels (one of the most colorful and oldest popular festivities in the country); and a large service instructure.

The Elgua Spa, with its medical mineral water, is a popular destination in health tourism and quality-of-life tourism programs. It, too, is in Villa Clara Province-as is Lake Hanabanilla (the only mountain lake in the archipelago), up in the Escambray Mountains, which has a hotel and ideal conditions for fishing for such freshwater fish as Largemouth Bass (tag and release). Activities include excursions around the lake, hiking, bird watching and nature walks.

We recommend driving through the Escambray Mountains area, both to see its beautiful scenery and to and to learn about the farmers traditional way of life. To get there from the Cayos, start from the port of the Caibarien.


Nature in Villa Clara

Nature, with its power of creation, offers the visitor who ventures the Villa Clara plains and mountains a trip of amazing colors and contrasts. We put at your reach the opportunity to visit real natural reservoirs, where unique animal and vegetable species dominate.

To the south of the city of Santa Clara is the Cubanacan Protected Area. This natural paradise, is the refuge of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. In this place there are 10 species that conform to the list of endemic groups of our country.

Occupying part of the Villa Clara region, we find the mountainous massif of Escambray. Along its big slopes, sinuous pathways and persistence of forest areas, is a bastion for the last flocks of parrots (Amazona leucocephala) that can be seen in the province. Amongst the birds one can also observe the Cuban Trogan, known as the national bird, woodpeckers and sparrowhawks. Other representatives of the fauna of this ecosystem are the deer and the hutia congas and carabalies. At this place La Hanabanilla, the only intramountainous lake of Cuba can be found.











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